Judging. . .

All Films firstly go through our Preliminary Judging Panel, headed by our head of Judging Damon Eggleton. The Preliminary Judging Panel is made up of Hunter Region Entertainment and Film Industry Personnel. They work in shifts through the night to determine the Top Ten Films.

All films are seen by at least 2 judges. Judges will be looking for the best films. The films will be judged on their creativity, uniqueness, the idea of the film and its execution, not the technology used to make it slick.

The preliminary Judges will be awarding five Silver Spur Awards. These are awarded to films that show excellence in an area of filmmaking even though they did not make the Top Ten. These are awarded at the discretion of the Preliminary Judges. They can be for things such as;
*Fantastic art direction
*Outstanding performances
*Original ideas
*Anything that captures your imagination & the spirit of The Shoot Out.

Our Top Ten Films are then judged at the Sunday Night screening by a panel of VIP judges. Details of whom will not be released till the night. So come along and see who is there!

The Shoot Out Newcastle 2008 Judging Panel
Clayton Watson
Gyton Grantley
Mathew Newton
Marcia Hines
Damien Walsh Howling
Gracie Otto
Sue McCready
Geaorge Merryman
Chit Chat
Julia Morris
Chris Taylor
Luke Carroll

The Shoot Out Newcastle 2007 Judging Panel
Coming soon...

The Shoot Out Newcastle 2006 Judging Panel
Charles 'Bud' Tingwell
Iva Davies
Denise Roberts
Andrew Walker
Tony Grierson
Alice Bell
Jason Van Genderen

The Shoot Out Newcastle 2005 Judging Panel
Jo Smith
Jonathon Biggins
Kelvin Crumplin
Peter Kirk
James Matherson

The Shoot Out Newcastle 2004 Judging Panel
Andrew Urban
Gary Doust
Madeline West
Scott Bevan

The Shoot Out Newcastle 2003 Judging Panel
Steve Abbott (“sandman”)
Lachy Hulme (Screenwriter & Actor Matrix Reloaded,The Crocodile Hunter – Collision course, Lets Get Skase, and Four Jacks.
Clayton Watson (winner AFI award in 2002 for his role in 'Always Greener'. Matrix Reloaded, Matrix Revolutions & The Animatrix: Under The Radar )
Steve Bastoni (The Matrix Reloaded, The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course, 15 Amore and Police Rescue)
Abe Forsythe- (winner best comedy The Shoot Out 1999 Newcastle for City of Erections. Always Greener, Marking Time and his first feature film NED )
Roger Lanser (DOP The Wog Boy, Till Human Voices Wake us, Billy’s’ Holiday and Bad Boy Bubby )
Pip Mason (composer and sound recordist All Saints, White Collar Blue and Martha’s’ New Coat.
Neil Mansfield ( Writer and director of Fresh Air )
Alan Cinis (actor & impersonator The Devils Playground, Water Rats, White Collar Blue, Peter Pan & Police Rescue)
Rupert Reid (actor Matrix Reloaded, the Natalie Wood story, Blue Heelers, Water Rats and Heartbreak High)

The Shoot Out Newcastle 2002 Judging Panel
Nicolas Hope (Actor; Bad Boy Bubby)
John Brock (DoP 15 Amore)
Richard Keipers (Producer and Film critic SBS)
Richard Fidler (Editorial Manager-TV Comedy, ABC)
Annabel Weedon (Marketing Manager, Buena Vista)
Scott Major (Actor; Always Greener)
Sal Coco (Actor; Walk The Talk, Heartbreak High, Two Hands)
Jeremy Keweley (Actor; Stingers, Producer)
Marcia Hines (singer).

The Shoot Out Newcastle 2001 Judging Panel
Butch Calderwood (DOP BBC docos and drama)
Darryl Robinson (Producer and development manager of Tropnest)
Jo Smith (Executive Officer of the Australian Guild of Screen Composers, the Australian Film Commission's Industry Advisory Panel on International Co-Productions)
Andy Walker (Assoc. Producer Beyond Simpson Le Mesurier.)
Sue McCready (Director of the Australian Writers Guild)
Russel Cheek (Newcastles own Castinets)
Camilla Towers (Bedford and Pearce)
John Meager (Director)
Margie Wentworth (Producer)
Kelvin Crumplin (Movielab)

The Shoot Out Newcastle 2000 Judging Panel
Christina Andreef (writer/director Soft Fruit)
Helen Bowden (producer Soft Fruit)
Butch Calderwood (DOP BBC docos and dramas)
Kym Goldsworthy (writer The Roly Poly Man, Pigs Breakfast and chair of the NSW Committee of the Australian Writers Guild.)
Nick Hore (Manager, Promotions and Screen Culture at the New South Wales Film and Television Office)
Sandy George (Australian correspondent of the UK-based weekly magazine Screen International, editor of the Australian trade magazine Encore.)
Darryl Robinson (producer and Development Manager of Tropfest.)
Jo Smith (Executive Officer of the Australian Guild of Screen Composers. the Australian Film Commission's Industry Advisory Panel on International Co-productions)
Jane Scott (producer; Shine, Strictly Ballroom, Crocodile Dundee II)
Brad Haywood (director; Occasional Course Language)

The Shoot Out Newcastle 1999 Judging Panel
Antonia Barnard (Associate producer;Bootmen)
Michael Condran (Freelance Director)
Maynard (Channel V)
Andrew Walker (Assoc. Producer Beyond Simpson Le Mesurier.)
Steven Wallace (head of the Australian Screen Directors Guild.)
Martin Williams (NSW Film and Television Office)
Craig Anderson (who is currently filming Bootmen in Newcastle)
Bryan Moses (winners of Best Comedy Tropfest 1999)