The Shooting Star Competition 2011
Information for Actors

The Shoot Out Newcastle offers actors an opportunity to show the world how much they want to be a star.

Actors 16 years and over can register to be a Shooting Star at The Shoot Out.

Actors who register to be a Shooting Star must attempt to appear in as many films as possible made for The Shoot Out over the 24 hour period from 9pm Friday night to 9pm Saturday night .

This is a unique opportunity to build experience, confidence and networks.

The most ambitious Shooting Star is the one who manages to make a legitimate appearance in the most number of films. The prize for the most ambitious Shooting Star is a workshop and casting interview with key agents in the industry.

How it works…
All the filmmaking teams participating in The Shoot Out Newcastle will be provided with the contact mobile number and photo for all Shooting Stars. The Shooting Stars are the official actors of The Shoot Out Newcastle.

During the 24 hours, the filmmaking teams that require actors (lead and/or extras) will be able to contact the Shooting Stars. Therefore it is compulsory that Shooting Stars have a charged mobile phone for the duration of the competition.

Shooting Stars are not given contact numbers for the producers or directors from the filmmaking teams but they can approach directors/producers on registration night or during the course of the 24-hour event to grab a part in a film (lead and/or extra).

Hint: most of filmmaking teams will be moving from one location to another around the cityaccording to the shooting brief. Shooting Stars will be provided with the brief on the night of registration

If a Shooting Star is asked to appear in a film, the director or producer must verify the legitimacy of the appearance by signing the Shooting Star Verification Form that each Shooting Star must hand in at the completion of the competition.

Non-verified appearances will not be credited as legitimate.

The Shoot Out Newcastle dares its Shooting Stars to use their initiative to get into as many films as possible in 24 hours!