What is The Shoot Out?

Is the Most Extreme Film Festival in the world.

We dare you to test the steel of your nerve, the brilliance of your speed and the sharpness of your edge by making a seven minute film in 24 hours.

And you thought extreme sports were tough…

All you need is some friends and a camera. So what are you waiting for? It's fast, furious and fun for filmmakers with guts!

The tactics and discipline of sport combined with speed in an arts event! That's The Shoot Out - The 24 hour filmmaking and screening festival.

The Shoot Out Film Festival is the only film festival where filmmakers come together in one place to make a short film in twenty four hours. You get a chance to meet other filmmakers, check out some great people and projects and build up your 'black book' of contacts (very important if you want to work and eventually win that elusive Oscar).

From Friday night through to Saturday night, filmmakers create their masterpieces under some of the most challenging conditions:

• there's a time limit - 24 hours to make a film no longer than 7 minutes

• there's no easy 'cut and paste' post production because only in camera editing is allowed - you have to make and shape on the go!

• there's a whirlwind tour of the city included as you find, view and select five from a list of items that must appear (however fleetingly) in your film.

Why do we dare you ?

• it's fast, furious and fun

• it's a level playing field - so everyone can have a go; that's right - family teams, teams of friends and /or teams of budding emerging filmmakers

• it's a great way to network your way to the big time - or, at least get invited to heaps of parties,

• it brings out the best,

• you have a chance for your film to be screened to a large audience with industry judges, and

• win big prizes!

Do you dare?